Adderall Abuse: The Academic Trap

Today Adderall abuse is on the increase and the individual using this drug find it hard to stop using it because it is highly addictive. This drug gives you the ability to stay awake for long hours at work or at school.

Adderall first hit the markets in 1996. This drug is prescribed for the treatment of ADD/ADHD and narcolepsy. Facts about this drug indicate that the abuse of this drug can lead to more serious side effects for example dependency, tolerances, addiction and even death.

Adderall Abuse Statistics

According to a survey conducted last year by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, recognize Adderall abuse for recreational purposes in about 6.4% of college students of the ages between 18-22 both male and female. On top of that these students participate in binge drinking and they could also use marijuana and alcohol. Some students may even resort to crushing and snorting Adderall to achieve a greater high.

This is such an alarming statistics as it shows how students use this drug in a wrong way not knowing about the dangers of this drug which are both long term and short term.

How Does Adderall Abuse Start?

This drug is solely meant to treat ADD and ADHD conditions. It is a prescription drug that are available pharmacies, over the internet and from people who already have prescriptions that sell it. Individuals who suffer from ADD and ADHD acquire this drug so as to treat their conditions but there are those who abuse this drug for recreational purposes and they are taking this drug in huge doses.

These people claim that it makes them feel more self assured, strong and full of energy. These are the initial signs of Addiction to Adderall which can be more of a psychological addiction as well as a physical one.

Adderall Abuse In College Students

Extreme abuse of this drug is reported mostly in colleges and universities across the US. Because of the importance given to academics students tend to misuse this drug to help them stay more awake and focused in class and to put in more hours of studying to achieve better grades on their exams. This leads to a strong dependence and addiction to the drug as they feel they can’t get good grades without the drug, some even feel that without Adderal they would be able to graduate.

Side Effects of Adderall Addiction

This drug has several side effects in fact when compared with the benefits. Adderall side effects while taking the drug are quite significant but many people tend overlook them due to the popularity of its use.

Some of the side effects of Adderall include the following:

Uncontrollable shakes

This is also a common side effect of this drug. Adderall abuse is so dangerous that an individual tends to begin shaking as though he or she is shivering. This drug is so addictive that the person may experience uncontrollable shakes if the drug is withdrawn.


This is a common side effect of this drug. As much the drug helps you in staying awake and active for long hours, it causes severe restlessness. People have a very difficult time falling asleep. They can lie in bed for hours and hours unable to get any rest. You can’t remain calm in one place as it forces to be restless in the name of being active.


Among the worse side effects of this drug is dizziness. Once in a while you will experience dizziness and blurred vision. This is because of the negative effects this drug has to the brain. It affects the normal functioning of the brain by altering the substances that are responsible for sleep and being awake.


Although this drug will help you to stay awake for long periods of time, it leads to hallucinations whereby an individual experiences weird voices and they see abnormal visions as they sleep at night. This is very bad as it affects both the user and the people around him or her.

Adderall abuse is very dangerous. What should be noted is that the above side effects of Adderall are only a glimpse of the effects of this Schedule II drug. Therefore it is important that you avoid misusing this drug and only take it if you are prescribed for it by your physician.

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