How To Deal With Adderall Crash Symptoms

The Adderall crash refers to coming down or crashing from the stimulating effects of taking this drug. The more you use this drug the more the potential of having a crash. Not every person using this drug will notice a crash but most of them go through this.

The following are some symptoms that characterize symptoms associated with an Adderall Comedown:

Adderall Crash: Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the many symptoms of Adderall crash. In most cases people tend to experience mild anxiety when they crash. Anxiety caused by a decrease in mental activity. Adderall increases your brain activity and once it is not taken the brain activity is slowed down and this may cause anxiety.

Adderall Crash Symptoms: Depression

This is yet another common symptom of an Adderall crash. It is very common for those individuals who are used to taking more of the drug than they actually need. Once they stop taking it they feel depressed and generally hopeless.


After the uplifting effects of Adderall subside and your body starts adjusting to its original form, severe fatigue sets in. This is because the body is trying to adjust and recover from the energy and dopamine stores that were used up while the body was on Adderall.


When you crash from Adderall you tend to feel extremely lazy. The drug will make you productive and focused but once it is used up by the body, you will feel extremely lazy and completely unproductive. This can be bad as it requires that you take the drug again leading to dependency.

Slowed Thinking and Response Time

Another symptom that characterizes an Adderall comedown is slowed thinking. Your thinking process will be slowed, less cohesive, slow and less organized and it may be random. This may be detrimental especially if you are student it can affect your performance in class.

Tips On How To Ease Adderall Comedown

The following are some tips on dealing with Adderall crash:

Take A Reduced Dosage

If you are used to taking this drug on a daily basis, it is important that you reduce your daily dosage to reduce the effects and subsequent addiction. Taking a small dose will help you reduce tolerance and dependency on the drug.


Exercising will help your body in producing dopamine a substance that will help your brain stay active. It is advisable that you engage in physical activities. Exercises also help your brain in releasing neurotransmitters; these neurotransmitters will help boost your mood.

Keep Yourself Busy

This is yet another way to deal with an Adderall crash symptoms. Being busy will help your brain to stay engaged and it won’t let the comedown ruin your day. Always ensure that you keep yourself busy by picking simple tasks or engage in brain storming tasks.


Sleep is a major Adderall crash remedy. When you feel like you are about to crash or you start experiencing the symptoms of a crash, you can simply go to sleep and you will not experience a major crash. Sleep will help you brain relax and by the time you wake up (depending on how long you have slept) the negative effects of the drug will have subsided and you will feel better.

In summary, the above symptoms and tips on how to deal with Adderall crash symptoms are aimed at educating you on how to avoid Adderall crash and in case of a crash you will be well equipped on how to deal with it.

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