Taking Adderall For Studying

Adderall is a prescription medication containing mixture of various salts of amphetamine, a stimulant drug used for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). ADHD is a disorder characterized by difficulty to concentrate on one particular activity.

Adderall being a stimulant drug helps the patients to improve the attention by increasing the quantity of neuro-chemicals that helps in the transmission of nerve signals. ADHD patients, especially college students, report to have better attention and understanding after taking Adderall which gave way to the it being known as the “Adderall study drug”.

Taking Adderall To Study Leading To Abuse

Over the last decade, the use of Adderall has increased in the US; however it is not because of the increasing number of ADD / ADHD patients. Rather, students who are not suffering from ADHD are also using Adderall for studying effectively with proper attention.

Does Adderall really work? Taking Adderall improves the learning ability of the person by increasing their focus and attention span. College students are taking Adderall for studying more effectively.

Apart from increasing the attention, Adderall also possesses potential abusive and dependence properties; hence it is classified as a schedule II drug. It is not available without prescription from a doctor. If Adderall is consumed without consulting a doctor, risk of addiction increases due to uncontrolled use of the medicine.

Theories and Demographics Of Student Using Adderall To Study

It is quite possible that Adderall make the student feel that he or she cannot pass the test or focus on their studies without it. Long term uncontrolled use of Adderall is associated with serious cardiovascular events and sudden death. Adderall also affects the mood. The patient may show aggressive and violent behavior. Other side effects associated with Adderall include hypertension, decreased growth in children, seizures and the emergence of manic symptoms.

Looking at the potential health issues with non-medical use of Adderall to study, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) has conducted a survey among US colleges. According to the survey, frequency of students taking Adderall is double among the full time college students aged between 18 to 22 years compared to part time students. Moreover, students using Adderall non-medically were found to have increased chances of other drug abuse as well. More than 90% of students taking Adderall were found to have a history of binge drinking.

Non-medical abuse of Adderall in college was higher among the white students (8.6%) compared to Black (1%), Hispanics (2.2%) and Asian (2.1%). The family income of the student also affected the frequency of drug abuse. Students with lower family income were more strongly associated with non-medical use of Adderall for studying, may be due to fulfill the family’s expectations of higher studies. Male students showed significantly higher tendency towards non-medical use compared to female students.

Don’t Overlook The Risks Associated With Non-Medical Adderall Use

Adderall is very effective treatment for patients suffering from ADHD. It helps the patients to study things effectively and quickly. In the other words, it helps the patients with ADHD to study like normal students. At the same time, the use of Adderall by normal students without doctor’s advice can lead to serious even fatal outcomes.

Students should understand the risks involved in non-medicinal use of Adderall for studying. Government should also try to increase the awareness about serious adverse outcomes associated with non-medical use of Adderall to decrease its consumption in the US.

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